We’re off on an adventure! Our store is temporarily closed while we travel Central America. See you back here in March!

who we are

Hi! I'm Alyssa, the designer behind joyful+VIVID. 


I started painting when I was 10, and by the time adolescence came around, I had fully given up on the idea that I was creative. It wasn't until a few years ago when, out of necessity, I started exploring self-love in a big way, and I picked painting back up. Always afraid I'm going to come across as too childish - I'd say it's pretty ironic that my creativity seems to flow in big bold bright colors and playful imagery. 

I am passionate about living BIG dreams. Sometimes I'm optimistic to a fault, and I'd rather live a life of hoping and risking than one of fear and hiding! 


My story is one of embracing yourself, of learning to shine in the areas you are tempted to hide.


My goal is to help people choose to risk believing in their biggest boldest dreams, and necessarily in themselves.